Welcome to NV Eye Surgery

Your vision is one of your most precious possessions! Our eyes connect us to the world around us. There is nothing more important than preserving and protecting this special gift.

Dr. Peter W. DeBry, M.D. and Dr. Todd L. Jackson, M.D. of NV Eye Surgery are some of the most experienced and versatile eye surgeons in Las Vegas. In over a decade of caring for patients, they have developed a reputation for quality care and providing great surgical outcomes.

NV Eye Surgery also welcomes Dr. Stephen Solomon specializing in pediatric and neuro-ophthalmology.

Medical Tourism/Health and Wellness Travel Has Never Been Easier

Enjoy great surgical results, state-of-the-art technology, affordable prices, top surgeons with world-renowned acclamades, as well as the sites, nights, and lights of Las Vegas. NV Eye Surgery offers complimentary concierge services to those traveling to Las Vegas for their surgical procedures at no cost to our patients or their traveling companion. Please click here for help with great deals and discount on hotels, ride assistance, and entertainment packages: http://nveyesurgery.weebly.com