89052 Glaucoma

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Glaucoma eye care in 89052

89052 glaucomaIf your 89052 glaucoma is diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, you can expect a good chance of not experiencing any damage to your eyes or permanent vision loss. At NV Eye Surgery, you’re assured of expert medical eye care for glaucoma.

When you have excessive internal eye pressure due to an imbalance between how much fluid your eyes create and how much they drain, you have 89052 glaucoma. Ordinarily, your eye fluid is made, circulates through your eyes, and is drained. It’s all very routine, unless, of course, something goes wrong. It’s a progressive eye disease, getting worse with time in most cases. It’s true, though, that the effects of eye inflammation or infection, eye trauma, or chemical contamination can greatly accelerate the condition. In early stages, there are no obvious symptoms of 89052 glaucoma. You may have it and not even know about it. By the time signs such as eye pain or redness, halos appearing around light, tunnel vision, and either nausea or vomiting do become obvious, it generally means that you have experienced some degree of harm to your eyes or vision loss, either of which could be unrecoverable. Obviously, you should come in as quickly as possible if you note one or more of the above symptoms. But the best way to take advantage of our glaucoma eye care is with a yearly examination. If you are diagnosed with this eye disease, treatment options encompass medication, laser treatments, and surgery, all of which are designed to correct the fluid imbalance, either by reducing production of it, improving drainage, or creating a new channel for drainage. If eye damage has occurred, that will need to be repaired surgically, as well.

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