Cataract Surgery in Vegas

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Las Vegas cataract surgeon 

Cataract surgery in Vegas
Cataract surgery in Vegas

Many people live with some kind of vision impairment that prevents them from being able to see clearly naturally, which is why it is important that if you have a vision impairment that you have your eyesight checked about once a year or so. If your eyes are progressively getting worse over time, that’s one thing, but if your eyesight is rapidly declining then you may have cataracts. Here at NV Eye Surgery we can help provide you with the treatment that you need. From diagnosis and monitoring to cataract surgery in Vegas, our expert eye surgeons here at NV Eye Surgery can offer you a variety of services and treatments that will help combat this condition.

Cataracts most often occur in seniors or adults over the age of 60, but there are other risk factors that can contribute to a greater likelihood of developing this condition. People who have a family medical history of the condition, people who have diabetes and people who have experienced significant eye damage due to sun exposure, or any combination of the above, are more likely to develop cataracts. This condition can happen to anyone, however, which is why routine eye exams are so important. The first symptoms of cataracts is a rapid decline in vision. You may find that you keep needing stronger and stronger prescription lenses that your eyesight is constantly blurry. This occurs because the lenses, or the corneas, of your eyes are thickening. As the cornea thickens, it becomes more and more difficult to see. Eventually, it may feel as if you are trying to look through a frosted glass window. Here at NV Eye Surgery, we can determine whether you have cataracts if you are experiencing these symptoms and we can also perform cataract surgery in Vegas if your condition worsens significantly.

Cataract surgery in Vegas involves removing the thickened lens or cornea of the eye and replacing it with an artificial one that will provide you with clear vision. Before surgery is implemented, you may simply be prescribed stronger prescription lenses until you qualify for surgery. If you want to learn more or if you want to schedule an appointment with us to discuss your treatment options, call us here at NV Eye Surgery today.

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