When should a cataract be removed?

Simple Steps to Better Vision

Many patients ask “When is the right time to remove a cataract?” The answer is very simple. The time for you to consider cataract surgery is when you feel dissatisfied with your vision. Here are some common scenarios that may lead you to consider cataract surgery:

  • I feel unsafe driving because I cannot see the street signs until I am very close to them.
  • I have stopped driving at night because I can’t see well when other cars are coming towards me.
  • I love reading, but have been reading less because it has become difficult to see the small print.
  • Everything just seems hazy and foggy. It looks like my glasses are smudged, but taking them off and cleaning them constantly does nothing.
  • I am having a difficult time seeing the scores on the TV when I watch a basketball or football game.

A common misconception is that cataract surgery should not be done until the cataract is “ripe”. In reality, a cataract should be removed when it is causing visual symptoms. People are unique and there is a wide range of visual needs. Some people with visually demanding professions such as engineers and architects may notice even minor changes to their vision and be unhappy.  Dr. DeBry will be able to help you determine when to remove a cataract.


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