DSEK is an amazing procedure developed to restore the clarity of the cornea when edema or swelling is causing loss of clarity.  Dr. DeBry was the first surgeon in Las Vegas to perform DSEK and has successfully treated numerous patients with DSEK, cornea transplantation, and other similar sight-saving procedures.

DSEK stands for Descemet Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty, which is a complicated way of describing a partial cornea transplant surgery.  Before DSEK, the main treatment option for a scarred or swollen cornea was a regular cornea transplant (PKP or penetrating Keratoplasty).  This surgery has been used for decades to restore vision but has some weaknesses.  With a standard transplant there is a prolonged visual recovery, usually 12 months or more to achieve the best vision.  The eye is always weaker where the incisions are made, leading to a risk of severe vision loss with mild eye trauma.  And, the shape of the cornea is often irregular from the sutures.

DSEK overcomes many of these issues and is overall a much better procedure for certain corneal diseases.  The recovery time is much quicker, the eye does not have large incisions that weaken the cornea, and the shape of the cornea maintains a nice round shape.

DSEK is best for corneal diseases that lead to loss of endothelial cells and the edema or swelling that results.  If there are thick scars in the cornea a full cornea transplant is probably necessary.

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