Todd L. Jackson, M.D.

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Dr. Jackson returned home to Las Vegas to practice and continued to gain experience that has led to his emphasis in complex cases in part through medical missions served in Africa and Guatemala with renowned surgeons from around the world and his monthly participation in a pay-it-forward medical clinic that serves locals. Dr. Jackson has earned the LEO award for continuing education, a recognition given to less than 1% of all ophthalmologists and has gained a pending patent for a cataract surgical instrument as well as authored a research paper on cataract surgery innovation. In addition, Dr. Jackson was the lead submitter for a Medicare/Medicaid innovation grant. His in-depth training and expertise coupled with a love of people have made Dr. Jackson a sought after surgeon and recipient of such awards such as the “Super Service Award” for physicians of Las Vegas and five-star ratings from many patients.

Dr. Jackson founded his own clinic, Prestige Laser & Cataract Institute (PLCI), and opened one of the first accredited office-based cataract surgical suites in the Western United States. Using the founding principles of excellence, compassion, and outreach that PLCI was built on, Dr. Todd L. Jackson joined with Dr. Peter W. DeBry and became a senior partner and owner of NV Eye Surgery thus bringing further world-class excellence in eye care to patients of Las Vegas, Henderson, Pahrump, and surrounding areas.

Outside of the office and surgical units, Dr. Jackson is a beloved father of six, dedicated husband, ecclesiastical leader, sibling of 11, and committed community contributor. Dr. Jackson serves on the Board of Directors for both Toni’s House and the Gift of Sight foundation. He is a member of the legislative committee for the Nevada Medical Association and the Clark County Medical Association. He is also a member of the American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the American Medical Association. Dr. Jackson served as scout master for the Boy Scouts of America, bishop for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and missionary to Guatemala where he first dedicated two years of full-time service, became fluent in Spanish, and now continues to volunteer medically and educationally.

Truly, Dr. Todd Jackson has proven to be a world-class individual and physician of compassion, outreach, and excellence among his family, community, colleagues, medical providers, and patients.

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