Eye Diseases

Although the eye is a very small part of the body, there are hundreds of different diseases that affect the eye.  Our doctors have advanced subspecialty training and focus on treating the following conditions.


“I have always been amazed at how much there is to know about the human eye.  It is such a small part of the body but requires more than 8 subspecialties within ophthalmology to treat all of the diseases and conditions that affect the eye.  At the world-renowned Bascom Palmer Eye Institute where I did my surgical fellowship, we had a complete library with stacks and stacks of books, a whole room filled with information focusing solely on the eye, diseases of the eye, and treatment of eye conditions.  Thousands of researchers across the country are devoted to studying and understanding these conditions to someday prevent or cure more causes of blindness than ever before.”

– Peter W. DeBry, M.D.