Eye Surgery in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Eye Surgeon

Eye Surgery in Las Vegas
Eye Surgery in Las Vegas

If you are in need of eye surgery you will want to go to the most experienced and expert eye surgeon possible. Drs. Peter DeBry and Todd Jackson, are some of the most experienced and versatile eye surgeons in Las Vegas. They specialize in many different types of eye surgery. One of the areas they specialize in is cataract surgery.

At NV Eye surgery, you will experience the best eye surgery in Las Vegas. If you have been diagnosed with a cataract, you may well be considering cataract surgery. Luckily, this is one of the safest and most successful surgeries done today. Dr. DeBry is one of the leading cataract surgeons in Las Vegas, and would be a great doctor to perform your cataract eye surgery in Las Vegas. Dr. DeBry says that the best time to have cataract surgery is when you are simply dissatisfied with your vision. If you have stopped driving at night due to poor vision caused by cataracts, it is probably time to have this surgical procedure. After cataract surgery at NV Eye Surgery, not only can patients see clearer but due to advances in synthetic lenses, many patients do not even need glasses.

Signs of cataract symptoms can include: blurry vision; halos around lights, usually at night; extreme glare from oncoming headlights or bright sunlight; difficulty seeing in low light; difficulty reading fine print; and frequent changes in your eyeglass prescription. Cataract surgery is done on an out-patient basis. You will need someone to take you home after surgery, as you will not be able to drive. The surgery is done under local anesthesia and you are awake during the procedure. Some patients may choose to have a medication administered by an IV that will help them relax better through the surgery. It will take at least a month to experience the full benefits of the surgery, and there will be several doctor’s visits following the surgery to make sure that correct healing is taking place and that no infection is occurring. If you would like to learn more about cataract or other eye surgery in Las Vegas, call us today at NV Eye Surgery.

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