Glaucoma Treatment in Henderson

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Henderson Glaucoma Care

Glaucoma Treatment in Henderson
Glaucoma Treatment in Henderson

Glaucoma is a dangerous condition if it’s ignored. It can cause serious damage to your optic nerve and is the second leading cause of blindness, and as such is nothing to take lightly. At NV Eye Surgery, we’re committed to diagnosing and treating glaucoma before it can result in any type of permanent eye damage. Early detection is key to successful outcomes and that’s why it is recommended that you have a complete eye exam done by our ophthalmologist every year. Glaucoma, as is the case with most eye diseases, does not produce any symptoms in its beginning stages. So you could have the disease and not even be aware of it, while all the while it is progressing. Our glaucoma treatment in Henderson begins with finding out that you have it. And that means coming in for a checkup.

The primary cause of glaucoma is an imbalance between the eye fluid created and the amount that drains back out. When things are working as they should, eye fluid is produced, circulates, and then drains. When that process does not occur efficiently, it leads to an increase in your internal eye pressure. In order to diagnose glaucoma, you will undergo tests that include tonometry. This is typically the baseline since it measures your eye pressure. In addition, our eye surgeon will test your peripheral vision. Photos of your optic nerve may be taken and other test might be needed depending on what shows up in the initial tests. The goal is to be thorough. Once a conclusive diagnosis is reached, we will discuss our glaucoma treatment in Henderson.

The proper way to address the disease will depend on what stage it’s in at the time, whether any damage has occurred to your optic nerve, or if you vision has become compromised as a result. Mild cases can often be treated with special eye drops that work to reduce the amount of fluid your eyes produce. This, of course, corrects the underlying imbalance. Laser surgery is utilized in an effort to increase the ability of your eyes to drain fluid. This also puts things back into balance, but on the other side of the problem. If other methods prove insufficient or if the disease is posing an imminent threat to your vision or eye health, our glaucoma treatment in Henderson might be microsurgery to create a new channel from which the fluid can drain.

Glaucoma Treatment Henderson
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