Henderson nearsightedness treatment

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Implantable contact lenses in Henderson

Henderson nearsightedness treatment
Henderson nearsightedness treatment

Nearsightedness, or myopia as it’s called clinically, gives you strained or blurry vision at a distance. If you’re moderately to severely nearsighted, NV Eye Surgery would like you to know about implantable contact lenses. Designed specifically to address nearsightedness, this method is an excellent, effective, and safe alternative to LASIK for those who either do not want to undergo surgery or who are not good candidates for it. When compared with LASIK and other procedures, we think you will be impressed with the benefits offered by our Henderson nearsightedness treatment.

Those benefits include sharp, clear, and more vivid vision, often to a greater degree than can be obtained through having laser eye surgery. You natural eye lenses remain in place and the process is painless and quick. In most cases, only 15 minutes are required on an outpatient basis to get implantable contact lenses. Perhaps even more important, you can enjoy the convenience of a fast recovery. Typically, you should be able to return to your normal routine, including work, by the very next day. The advantages of our Henderson nearsightedness treatment are obvious.

If you’re tired of wearing regular contact lenses, taking them out and putting them back in, the eye irritation, the cleaning, etc. or if you’ve grown weary of eyeglasses, but you don’t want to make the leap to surgery, implantable contact lenses are the idea solution for you. And best of all, our Henderson nearsightedness treatment causes no permanent changes to your eyes. They are a permanent solution that can also be removed at any time. With LASIK, you get no such flexibility. And unlike LASIK, there is no cutting or loss of your natural eye tissue. If your vision needs change, as tends to happen, no need to worry. Implantable contact lenses can be replaced with a stronger prescription. In the unlikely event that you experience any side-effects from wearing them, you can also feel assured that they can be taken out. This is also the case if you later determine that you would like to have laser eye surgery. Why not call us right now and schedule a consultation?

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