Henderson No Insurance Cataract Surgery

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No insurance cataract surgery in Henderson

Henderson no insurance cataract surgeryIf you have cataracts that have advanced beyond the stage where your eyeglasses or contact lenses are sufficient for correcting the problem, surgery is the ideal solution. Unfortunately, we know that some of our valued patients do not have the necessary insurance coverage to pay for it. That is why here at NV Eye Surgery, we offer a remarkable discount on the cost of this procedure. In fact, you can save over $1,000 per eye when compared to what other practices charge. And yet, you can be assured of the highest quality, expert care in every phase from consultation to post-op and follow-up care with our Henderson no insurance cataract surgery.

When deposits of protein develop on your eye lenses, this is what is known as cataracts. As with other common eye diseases, early on you will probably not even be aware of its presence unless it is detected during your yearly eye examination. As the disease progresses, you will begin to notice that your vision is becoming cloudy or blurry. Fortunately, most patients do very well with special corrective lenses. The prescription can be adjusted as cataracts advances further. There is likely to be a time, though, when you are unable to do the things you want to, even with your eyeglasses or contacts. It’s then that you should consider our Henderson no insurance cataract surgery. The way it works is that your natural eye lenses are removed using a special advanced method, and new, prosthetic lenses are put in to replace them. There are options for these new lenses, but in addition to restoring your clear vision, you can look forward to sharp vision at all distances.

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