ICL – Implantable Contact Lenses

Who is a candidate

The ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) is designed for patients who are nearsighted (Myopic) with a prescription of -3.00 or greater.  In the past many clinics have only offered the ICL to patients who were very nearsighted, with a glasses prescription of -10.00 or -12.00, or patients who are not a candidate for LASIK because of problems with the eye.  Our goal at NV Eye Surgery is to guide each patient to the best refractive procedure based on the best possible results and we can do this by bringing the ICL price down to a competitive range compared to LASIK.

Dr. Peter DeBry will work with each patient to make sure they can get the best technology for their vision-correction surgery.

The ideal candidate for the ICL includes

  • People who are nearsighted and motivated to see better without glasses
  • A healthy eye with no significant eye diseases
  • A stable refraction with no big changes in the power of your glasses or contact lenses for a few years

Please call our office today and ask to be seen for your free Visian ICL consultation with Dr. DeBry.  702-825-2085

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