Las Vegas Cataract Doctor

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Las Vegas cataract doctorCataracts can strike at any age, even in young children. When the disease progresses to a point where special eyeglasses or contact lenses are no longer effective against its effects, you can depend on us at NV Eye Surgery.

What is cataracts? It’s a condition in which deposits of protein form on the lenses of your eyes. They do not threaten your physical health, but they do hinder your vision. Over time, they grow in size, with cloudy and blurry vision being common. In many cases, the disease is diagnosed as part of a yearly eye examination since the symptoms associated with it don’t appear early on. Your corrective eyewear allows you to see better in spite of cataracts, and with periodic updates to the prescription, this is usually sufficient for a number of years. When it is not, that’s when you should consult with our Las Vegas cataract doctor. Surgery is safe and effective, and thanks to the advancements that have been evident in technology, this procedure is now done with a tiny incision. It is not possible to remove the deposits of protein from your eye lenses, so our Las Vegas cataract doctor removes both lenses in their entirety. They are then replaced with artificial lenses. The result is that the obstacles that had previously stood in the way of your optimal vision are removed, and you can enjoy sharpness and clarity once more. You may have thought that you could never again experience that, but it’s a reality. Go back to doing all those things that you love doing. Regain your independence. Maximize your ability to live your life.

Please contact our office now to set up an appointment. Come in for a consultation with our Las Vegas cataract doctor to find out if you’re a good candidate for surgery.

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