LASIK Henderson

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LASIK surgery in Henderson

LASIK HendersonFor improved vision even without your glasses or contact lenses, the answer is LASIK surgery, the revolutionary laser procedure that has a success rate of over 95%, and when performed by our experienced, skilled specialist here at NV Eye Surgery, you can be confident that you’ll get the results that you want.

Come in for an examination and consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for our LASIK Henderson. A few of the common qualifications are being 18 or older, having a current prescription within certain acceptable limits, and no previous corneal surgery. Also, if you are pregnant, you will not be eligible for the surgery. A complete evaluation will be made when you come in, including taking a full medical history. Bring your corrective eyewear with you. Stop wearing your contact for from three days to three weeks depending on what kind you have. We’ll advise you when setting up your appointment. Our LASIK Henderson involves reshaping your corneas by opening up a flap and then using the laser. When the procedure is complete, the flap is put back and sealed. There are no stitches and no bandages. And since you will be treated with anesthetic eye drops beforehand, you will be comfortable throughout. It only takes a few minutes per eye in total. Medicated eye drops are used after as a precautionary measure against the possibility of infection, which is rare. You should notice your improved vision within a day or so, and maybe as fast as later the day of surgery. You may be able to discard your glasses or contacts, but at the minimum, you won’t have to rely on them as much.

For safe, effective vision correction, reach out to our office to arrange an appointment. Our LASIK Henderson can transform your life for the better with sharper and clearer vision, and independence from prescription lenses.

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