Office based eye surgery in Las Vegas

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Eye surgery in Vegas

Office based eye surgery in Las Vegas
Office based eye surgery in Las Vegas

If you will be needing eye surgery for one of many ocular conditions, you will want to be sure that your surgery is being performed by an expert in the field. When you come to NV Eye Surgery for office based eye surgery in Las Vegas, you will be able to have your eye surgery done by an expert and esteemed ophthalmologic doctor right here in our own private office.

At NV Eye Surgery our experienced eye surgeons on staff are Dr. Peter W. DeBry and Dr. Todd L. Jackson. They are two of the most experienced and versatile eye surgeons in Las Vegas. Our doctors have a proven track record for providing exemplary surgical outcomes coupled with great patient care over the past decade of service to our community. In 2013 Dr. DeBry started NV Eye Surgery to provide great medical care for patients with cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Our practice provides the highest quality of surgical outcomes for patients, coupled with exceptional patient care. One of the most common procedures we perform as office based eye surgery in Las Vegas is cataract surgery.

Dr. DeBry is also a leading Las Vegas surgeon in the areas of corneal transplants, partial corneal transplants, glaucoma surgery, pterygium surgery, and several other procedures. It is good to know that when you are being treated for an eye problem, that you are being treated by the best. Our NV Eye Surgery practice also specializes in dry eye treatment, optic nerve conditions and Visian ICL — implantable contact lenses. Cataract surgery is today one of the most commonly performed eye operations. During this operation the damaged eye lens is removed and a new man made lens is replaced into the eye. This is done at our practice using laser surgery. The procedure itself is done using local anesthesia on an out-patient basis. This operation is performed on one eye at a time, with the other eye being operated on when needed. If you would like to meet with one of our fine eye doctors regarding office based eye surgery in Las Vegas and how you will be able to take advantage of it, make an appointment today to be seen by one of our outstanding ophthalmologists.

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