Why Choose Dr. Peter DeBry and Dr. Todd Jackson?


Dr. Peter DeBry and Dr. Todd Jackson are committed to the optimal health and vision of your eyes.

Dr. Peter DeBry of NV Eye Surgery

Dr. Peter DeBry of NV Eye Surgery

Expectations are very high with cataract surgery. This puts a lot of pressure on me and my staff to perform at a very high standard at all times. I like to share with my staff the comparison between a bank and an eye surgeon. If your bank had a 95% success rate at correctly depositing your checks you might not be very impressed. In fact, you would probably take your business somewhere else. We expect 99.99% accuracy in our banking transactions. Well, it is much the same with eye surgery. Patients expect 100% and we take this expectation very seriously. Every aspect of the work we do centers on providing the best surgical experience to every patient we serve.
– Dr. Peter DeBry

Your vision is a priceless and precious possession! Our eyes connect us to the world around us. There is nothing more important than preserving and protecting this special gift. Dr Peter DeBry  and Dr. Todd Jackson are some of the most experienced and versatile eye surgeons in Las Vegas. In over a decade of caring for patients he has developed a reputation for quality care and providing great surgical outcomes.

Dr. Todd Jackson of NV Eye Surgery

There is nothing more rewarding that assisting in giving the gift of sight, aiding the blind to see, and finding solutions to the ocular scars of disease. I am committed to excellence, compassion, and outreach in all that I do through the surgical eye care services that I provide.
-Dr. Todd Jackson

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