Why Choose Dr. Peter DeBry and Dr. Todd Jackson?

Versatility in His Surgical Skills

Dr. DeBry does much more than just cataract surgery. From a delicate glaucoma surgery in a 3 month old baby to a corneal transplant in a 90 year old, he has a broad range of experience in the operating room. Very few surgeons in Las Vegas have this broad range of surgical skills. This experience allows him to be prepared to handle difficult situations in the operating room and give you the best chance at a successful procedure.

Common Procedures

  • Cataract
  • IOL exchange
  • Corneal Transplant (PKP)
  • Partial cornea transplant (DSEK)
  • Trabeculectomy
  • Trabeculotomy
  • Canaloplasty
  • Glaucoma Implant (Barveldt, Ahmed)
  • iStent
  • Express glaucoma implant
  • Pterygium surgery

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