Why Choose Dr. Peter DeBry?

Dr. Peter DeBry is committed to the optimal health and vision of your eyes.

“Expectations are very high with cataract surgery. This puts a lot of pressure on me and my staff to perform at a very high standard at all times. I like to share with my staff the comparison between a bank and an eye surgeon. If your bank had a 95% success rate at correctly depositing your checks you might not be very impressed. In fact, you would probably take your business somewhere else. We expect 99.99% accuracy in our banking transactions. Well, it is much the same with eye surgery. Patients expect 100% and we take this expectation very seriously. Every aspect of the work we do centers on providing the best surgical experience to every patient we serve.”

– Dr. Peter DeBry

Your vision is a priceless and precious possession! Our eyes connect us to the world around us. There is nothing more important than preserving and protecting this special gift. Dr. Peter DeBry is one of the most experienced and versatile eye surgeons in Las Vegas. In over a decade of caring for patients, he have developed a reputation for quality care and providing great surgical outcomes.

A High Level of Training

Dr. DeBry spent time throughout his medical training working in some of the most highly recognized universities in the country. His eye surgery fellowship was done at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, ranked #1 for eye surgery more than any other program in the country. These opportunities allowed him to learn from the best mentors and have experiences that taught him to be an exceptional eye surgeon. Dr. DeBry is both Board Certified and Fellowship Trained (additional specialty training completed by only a small percentage of doctors).


According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers” it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become highly skilled at an activity. This is true with all aspects of eye surgery. Dr. DeBry is a very busy and successful surgeon and studies show that complication rates are lower in surgeons who do the most cases. In his 10 years doing cataract surgery in Las Vegas he has done over 8,000 eye surgeries and laser treatments. According to the Nevada donor network, he is the number one surgeon, using more corneal tissue per year than any other doctor in the area.

“At the end of a day in surgery I sometimes feel exhausted. It is mentally and physically taxing because you want to give each patient and each procedure your best performance. It is all worth it the next day when I get to see the smiles and hear the excitement in post-op patients who are seeing better than they have since they were teenagers.”

– Dr. Peter DeBry

Versatility in His Surgical Skills

Dr. DeBry does much more than just cataract surgery. From a delicate glaucoma surgery in a 3-month-old baby to a corneal transplant in a 90-year-old, he has a broad range of experience in the operating room. Very few surgeons in Las Vegas have this range of surgical skills. This experience allows him to be prepared to handle difficult situations in the operating room and give you the best chance at a successful procedure.

Common Procedures

  • Cataract
  • IOL exchange
  • Corneal Transplant (PKP)
  • Partial cornea transplant (DSEK)
  • Trabeculectomy
  • Canaloplasty
  • Glaucoma Implant (Barveldt, Ahmed)
  • iStent
  • Express glaucoma implant
  • Pterygium surgery

Pioneering Spirit, Leading the Way in Developing New Techniques and Procedures

Dr. DeBry has been a pioneer and developer of new surgical techniques. He was the first surgeon in the country to do a new technique for pediatric glaucoma surgery (trabeculotomy with the iScience cannula). He also developed a new technique for glaucoma implant surgery (modified BGI), and presented this to glaucoma surgeons across the country.

Link to American Glaucoma Society 2013 PDF

He is always looking for ways to do things better and give his patients the best experience and the best vision possible.

Our Doctors

Peter W. DeBry, M.D.

Success in cataract surgery requires high-quality standards and attention to fine details. Dr. Peter W. DeBry brings these qualities to Las Vegas with his training in cataract surgery and lens implantation. Dr. DeBry completed medical school at the University of Utah in 1996. At that time he was honored with induction into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society, reserved for the top physicians in each graduating class. Next, he spent three years of residency focusing on medical and surgical eye care in Madison, Wisconsin, where he was chosen, chief resident.

After residency, he was one of only four doctors nationally selected to attend one of the country’s top fellowships in eye surgery techniques and spent the next year at the number one ranked eye institute in the nation, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Florida. After working with top doctors learning the most up-to-date surgical techniques, he moved to Kansas City, Missouri where he taught these techniques to new eye surgeons as Associate Clinic Professor at the University of Missouri. Finally, he relocated in 2003 to help provide excellence in cataract and refractive lens surgery for the residents of Las Vegas.

Dr. DeBry is the first surgeon in Las Vegas to do a number of cutting-edge surgical procedures and is renowned for having done more complex surgeries than almost any other surgeon in Nevada. Dr. DeBry is uniquely qualified to help care for many complex conditions including glaucoma, corneal, cataract, and refractive procedures.

In 2013, Dr. DeBry opened his own clinic, NV Eye Surgery, where he has been able to provide outstanding medical care to his patients with the latest equipment and technology. Even with a rapidly growing practice, Dr. DeBry still takes the time to provide medical services to the less fortunate through the Lions SightFirst Foundation. Partnered with this non-profit organization, he has been able to help countless patients regain vision by providing free surgical care to those in need.

Andy Y. Mu, O.D.

Dr. Andy Mu, O.D. recently joined NV Eye Surgery as the director of refractive services. Dr. Mu is well regarded in the eye care community for his problem-solving skills, exemplary clinical training, and approachable bedside manner that has helped many patients achieve better vision and improved quality of life. With kindness and compassion, he dedicates time to listen and learn the background story of each patient to better tailor a treatment plan to meet their visual needs.

Dr. Mu earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He then studied and worked in Germany on a U.S. Dept. of State-sponsored fellowship to facilitate cross-cultural relations. Dr. Mu later returned to Berkeley for his Doctor of Optometry degree, graduating Beta Sigma Kappa honors. His internship included training in ocular sub-specialties such as cornea/refractive surgery, dry eye, glaucoma, ocular oncology, and retinal disease at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami. Dr. Mu subsequently completed an advanced ocular disease residency at the Baltimore VA Hospital and Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins where he managed patients with complex eye diseases. Dr. Mu is board certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease.

Dr. Mu is an active member of the American Optometric Association, the Nevada Optometric Association, and the Southern Nevada Optometric Society. He has also given presentations at the American Academy of Optometry and continuing education meetings.

In his spare time, Dr. Mu enjoys providing needed eye care to underserved populations via humanitarian missions locally and internationally. He also enjoys spending time outdoors – hiking, swimming, tennis, cycling, and snowboarding. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese and enjoys practicing his German and Spanish language skills when traveling abroad.